Posting Tips

Tips for Posting

First: It is highly recommended that you download Windows Live Writer to write your posts. It is free from the Microsoft Web page. It will make your life so much easier and allow you to post to multiple blogs. You will love it!

Second: Blog titles and labels/tags

Please when you type the title of your post - start with your name, subject of post, title of book, and author

For tags - *author, *book, *genre.
Please put an asterix beside the author, book title, genre in the label/tag line so they'll be easily found.

e.g. (Blog Post Title) Your Name, Book Review,
(tags/lables) *Harper Lee, *To Kill a MockingBird, *Literary


e.g. (Blog Post Title) Your Name, Progress Report,
(tags/labels) *Silence of the Lambs
, *Thriller

After this feel free to add emotion tags like 'bad, sad, excellent' or whatever you want.