Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome to the Basics!

According to Brenton Tomlinson at Fantasty Fiction Factor, many SFF circles use a term called 'reinventing the wheel' to describe newbie fantasy and SF writers who labour over the creation of their worlds, only to find that its all 'been done before'.

According to SF Writers of America, 'reinventing the wheel' is where :

A novice author goes to enormous lengths to create a science-fictional situation already tiresomely familiar to the experienced reader. Reinventing the Wheel was traditionally typical of mainstream writers venturing into SF. It is now often seen in writers who lack experience in genre history because they were attracted to written SF via SF movies, SF television series, SF role-playing games, SF comics or SF computer gaming.

Like any genre you want to write in, it is essential to be vastly read in both that genre and others! Essentially you should have 'The Basics'.

So ladies and Gents, i'm starting 'The Basics' Challenge which is similar to the Fill-in-the-Gaps-Project except this will specifically refer to 'a genre'. In my case Fantasy with a dash of Science Fiction. BUT REMEMBER IT CAN BE ANY GENRE!

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Absolute Write List of SFF basic books

Fantasy MasterWork Series

SF MasterWork Series

I'm currently going to post my progress/list etc. here soon! Email me if your interested in Joining!!

Here are some Badges to add to your blog!

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hifidel said...

This is a great idea too! I'm not sure I can keep up with both the Fill in the Gaps and the Basics lists. I'll see how much overlap there is (is that cheating?) and see if I can manage both.

The lists are a big help in keeping one on track reading things that might have been put off for too long.