Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Rules of the Challenge

So, i thought clarification about the rules of this challenge would be useful. Remember these are just guidelines so you can play around with the challenge yourself. Personally i've more than 100 books because i wanted to include as much as possible.

so heres some guidelines:

#1: Each list should be focused towards a genre (or two) and consist of books which you belief form the canon of that genre. Try and have as many unread books as possible but feel free to include read books which you might want/need to reread. So for me, my basics list is focused on 'fantasy' and does include 2-3 books i read when i was a teenager which i want to read now as an adult.

#2: Give yourself 25% lee way for your list, in other words if you complete 75% or more of your list, then you've definitely succeeded in this challenge!

#3 Similar to the FITG challenge, we'll allow 5 years to complete the challenge. Starting from when you post your list up here on the blog

#4: The basics challenge is all about reading your genre so you can improve your writing (or reading! its not just for writers) through knowing a genre inside and out, so if you have 20 or 200 books for a list, which you want to complete in 2 years - feel free!

This challenge is all about improving yourself not racing to a finishing line - so feel free to mix it up if you like!

YaY, can't wait to see some more of these lists