Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Genre Links - Fairy Tales and Quiz which Character Are You?


Faerie and Myth Related links:

  • This is a link for Faerie Radio, some great tunes - (click first and listen while you surf.)
  • A link where fairy tale is elusively defined at SurLaLune
  • Another to the wonderful Endicott Studio, which cataloged mythic literature.
  • This is a book that will be of interest to writers whom plan to write within this genre: The Uses of Enchantment - the meaning and importance of fairy tales by Bruno Bettelheim which I found at Rhiannon Hart’s Blog.
  • An interesting article from the UK Telegraph on the ancient origins of fairy tales.
  • This is an intellectual and academic site called the Mythopoeic Society, for the true fairy tale and myth geek. It has just announced the nominees for the Mythopoeic Award Finalists which are listed for 2010. The winners will be announced in Dallas, Texas at Mythcon 41, July 9-10.
  • A lovely ezine called Cabinet des Fees.  
  • Neil Gaiman has an audio recording on libraries and fairy tales, which includes a retelling of a Goldilocks -"ish" tale.
  • A big festival happening at the end of July and beginning of August, in Oregon, USA called Faerieworlds. Link there to see more about this  event and to see its gorgeous pictures.
  • Suvudo had Faerie Week the last week of May with some interesting posts and interviews where I found a few of the links which I have included here.
  • To take the quiz go to which fairytale character are you? Then go to this site and type in  the character you are. Choose a picture and add it to your post or link it here.

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