Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hi there – Some small changes at The Basics Challenge as well as an introduction


Emily has decided that she would like to focus her energy on other projects in progress, and since I love this challenge I raised my hand so the blog would not be deleted.  I am so glad I caught it in time – a few more days and.. oh dear.. I would have been totally bummed.

However, do not fear/panic since Emily is not leaving us, and will still be around – lurking,  participating, and posting. She has just relinquished responsibility for the challenge which I will now be taking over. She will be there to correspond with you, and for questions from me. (Its nice to know you have that support). I am also hoping to use her expertise for posts on specifics within her genre of interest. Thanks Emily!

Please feel comfortable since the concept is still the same. Any changes to the blog will be minor and you will hardly notice – so keep posting, commenting, and reading as if there are no changes at all. I know most of you have not posted in awhile never the less your lists are still here.

Hopefully The Basics Challenge will grow and there will be more participants joining so we can all build a community to learn from and to explore within.

A bit more about me – Shellie. I have a blog called Layers of Thought which I started almost a year ago. Its been crazy fun, and I have learned a lot, but have miles yet to go. So fumbles, stumbles, and crashes are par for the course. I joined The Basics Challenge to explore speculative fiction, which I have a big big interest in, and know very little about – Emily is the perfect resource. I want to keep exploring so here I am.

Please, please, contact me if you have any questions at all, concerns and/or ideas, or would like to join the challenge. (Contrary to some opinion I do not snarl, bite, stalk, or spam.) Here is my profile page which has an email link within it.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here (Karen, Steven, Beth, Iasa, as well as any readers), reading more of your reviews, comments and more. Cheers!

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Emily Cross said...

Wahoo, change is good!!

You're doing brilliant job Shellie!!

Thanks again for taking her over :)